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Steve Martinez

Luna Middle School7

San Antonio, TX | Bexar County

March 21, 2015

I am a student at luna and it is so awesome there are so many great things there and there this girl who is very unathletic and during P.E the popular girls started cheering her on it was sweet

February 13, 2015

The negative reviews make me sad. My daughter loves Luna. All of her teachers are devoted, excellent teachers. She has flourished in academics and socially. She is active in choir and the program is very well run. I've watched a shy, scared girl entering middle school become an happy, well adapted young lady. That is a reflection of well run school full of amazing teachers.

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May 22, 2014

Luna Middle School has been a fantastic educational experience for our children. The teachers strive to give the children multiple learning activities. The administration undoubtedly supports the teachers, and the band and sports programs are top notch. Unfortunately, more upset parents are leaving reviews for Luna, so the reviews might seem low. Upset parents usually try and find a way to voice their concern while happy/satisfied parents don't express their gratitude enough. I urge you to visit with some of the parents in the area to find out the truth.

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March 11, 2014

Do not, listen to me do not!! Bring your kids to this school unless you want to hear them complaint all year long that they hate that school. We moved a lot on the past 8 years and I never heard my son complaint about any school my sister was moving to San Antonio and she stayed in my house until she got hers and my niece hated this school as well my sister end up looking for a house on the north side so she won't have to be in this school district. I'm glad this school year is almost over!

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December 20, 2013

I regret living in this school district because of Luna. My daughter is bullied,harrassed and a student told one of the NISD officers that my daughter is causing harm to herself(She is not) and that brought a visit from the Sheriffs office to our house to check on her welfare. This school lacks leadership at the most rudimentary level and the students are treated like garbage. I have given up on this school and am looking to move out of the area, its that bad. If you can avoid sending your child here, please do. I have never been more disgusted with a school in my adult life.

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November 12, 2013

Meet the principle night was basically a "This is how I run my ship. Like it or not, I don't care.", speech!! My son is participating in one afternoon club. There was miscommunication on what time he got out. I showed up at the agreed upon time only to find him crying and walking around the front of the school by himself. Turns out I was 25 mins late picking him up. There was no teacher/club leader there with him. He was just left there by himself. He does not have his own cell phone. The teacher did not offer one for him to use, nor did he ask. We handled that and he knows what to do now and I know what time to pick him up but importantly, the doors to the school are on lockdown at 4 pm and NO ONE answers the phones. The teachers for the club just left him there!!! For no one to even offer their phone or take him inside to the office to use the one in there was hideously neglectful. There is a reason this school is only a "Recognized" school and not "Exemplary"! If you don't have to send your son or daughter there, don't! There is absolutely no discipline in this school whatsoever with the students or some of the staff.

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November 3, 2013

Luna I have to agree with the majority of the reviews post on here. The principal is lousy and out of touch and on top of that she is always out of the building. Had and issue with a teacher who wasn't helpful and neither was the principal in trying to sort out this problem. Now not all of the teachers are bad...It seems to me the the problem is more with the principal and admin staff. The staff is supposed to ensure that the children succeed and do well. We as parents are supposed to be involved in our children's education which is very hard to do when you are dealing with a principal who is (as one reviewer) put it a dictator. In my dealing with her she wasn't helpful nor was she listening or trying to understand what the problem was. I can't see you being a principal if you are not a people person, understanding, caring or patient it just doesn't go with the job.

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October 22, 2013

Luna is a school that looks nice from the outside but bad on the inside. My child was bullied at school and on the bus. The Vice Principal did what he could, but it was not enough. I withdrew my child. My take on Luna is due to the growth in SA, the student population has increased and educators must make a choice, try to control the students in class or in the halls or bus, but they can't choose to do all. I would like to see data on only this 5% mentioned in earlier post, it must be higher. Your kids may flourish in this school, mine did not, As a parent do your children a favor and go visit any school before enrolling, monitor the activity in the hall when classes rotate, see the behavior on the bus, ask other kids. Do not rely on the state tests scores to make your choice on your child s education. My child is forever scared because of Luna, and I bet they could not care less.

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September 23, 2013

Luna is horrible. I had to pull my oldest son out last year because the staff REFUSES to address the bullying problem. Now this year I have two there both getting bullied. When you express your concerns they twist it to sound like it's not that bad, then sweep it under the rug. All they're worried about is the schools reputation, not the welfare of the children. Two thumbs down!!!

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August 20, 2013

Great Athletics program with many achievements and great athletes that go here. great football, volleyball, track, golf and tennis teams.

July 8, 2013

FYI- A majority of the people who post negative comments about a faculty administration that work endless hours and truly care about the kids know nothing about integrity. Educators have to work with every student (and parent) who all have different expectations, abilities, lifestyles, socioeconomic status and beliefs. Walk one day in the shoes of an educator, especially at the middle school level, and you will be quick to change your complaints to compliments. Luna, like all schools in Northside, have employees who devote their lives to the families they serve. Next time you wish to degrade teachers who spend 8-10 hours of every day with your student (especially when you can do so behind the safety of a computer, examine how much effort you are putting forth. If you are to stubborn to recognize how much teachers give of themselves for mediocre pay, then home school. A majority of the problems that arise in schools are from less than 5% of the student body; I can assure the negative postings on this page are in that 5%. You should be ashamed.

July 7, 2013

This school is far worse than any other school my children have ever attended. Unless your child is aggressive and bullies others they will not be happy at this school. I have never come across a school administrator that actually tried to blame the victim for being bullied. (Speech disorder) I have heard countless other parents and students who have recounted their bizarre interactions with this administration. I have never had issues with any other school but I have had several issues with this school that has left me feeling like I'm on candid camera due to the ridiculous attitude towards me. Rudeness does not begin to explain. I have since switched my kids schools and they are happy and excelling in all academics. I have witnessed first hand the remarkable difference switching to a better school has made.

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March 31, 2013

Amazing attitude toward learning. The teachers do not tolerate missing work or failing grades. Instead, they make sure students know the material and turn in work!

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October 30, 2012

This is a horrible school ..out of 5 schools we have been to thru moving in the military this is the worst school ever!!! The faculty do not have any respect for their students or the parents! Their rules are ridiculous. My kids have never had trouble in any other school and they are straight A students and here their grades dropped and they received referrals and dispersions for pretty much nothing. Avoid this school if possible. Look up reviews it's horrible.

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October 30, 2012

Luna MS is the worse school ever. The teachers and Faculty are bullies. They call your children liars and the parents too!!! Horrible year here. We litterally Had to MOVE so that we can get in another school district. this was a horrible expiriance. The staff is close minded and DO NOT help the kids succed. I have a over a dozen friends that also their kids have come to this school and ALSO have similar experiances as me. My daughter gets called a liar all the time And I DO NOT appreciate that. and then when I have gone in there, I ALSO get called a liar. that is sad. If it is not their way its the highway. I feel so bad for putting my daughter thru this whole school year. She really was dipressed and came home sad everyday because of the TEACHERS AND FACULTY. AVOID AVOID The teachers, and VP or P. NO ONE will listen to your concerns!

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